Braces & Aligners


Braces & Aligners

Today’s orthodontic patients have choices that patients of 20 years ago didn’t have, and one of those choices is braces vs clear aligners. Back then if you needed braces, there was only one choice. Now the multiple options mean patients need to work through the pros and cons with their orthodontist to decide which is the best method for them. Clear aligners and braces both have their pros and cons which we will examine here.

Visible Treatment Vs Concealed

Clean aligners or commonly called Invisalign have the obvious benefit of being less noticeable than standard braces. Aligners can only be seen close-up and are often undetectable in photos.

Non Removable Vs Removable

Some people will choose aligners for the freedom of being able to take them out when they want. They like to not worry about eating foods that may damage their braces. While wearing braces, patients usually need to modify their diet a little or do some preparation to ensure they don't eat anything that's too hard, crunchy or chewy.

Other people don’t want the hassle of taking the trays in and out whenever they want something to eat. The trays are worn as close to 22-23 hours every day to work efficiently. As soon as they have finished eating or brushing, the trays should go back in their mouth. Some patients will start out being diligent but as the months roll on, they become less concerned, their treatment stalls and the timeframe extends.

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